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I’m already using Nº.3 as a weekly treatment. What’s the difference?

Nº.3 Hair Perfector is not a mask or a conditioner; it works inside the hair structure to re-link broken bonds. Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask is a deep conditioning mask that repairs and hydrates the hair. You can use both weekly to strengthen and repair the hair.


What is the difference between Nº.5 and Nº.8?

Nº.5 is your daily conditioner. It provides the hair with the key components of a conditioner and the repair from the active ingredient. Nº.8 takes it a step further, providing the hair with extra moisture while being lightweight and leaving the hair healthy with body and fullness, including the active ingredient’s hair repair.

How often can I use Nº.8?

Use Nº.8 as often as needed to rebalance the moisture in the hair. You can not overuse OLAPLEX Nº.8; many people use it as often as every wash.

What is the difference between Nº.8 and other masks on the market?

OLAPLEX Nº.8 goes a step further by using top-quality ingredients powered by OLAPLEX Technology. The weightless texture fully absorbs into the hair and provides residual benefits that last multiple shampoos. It performs most economically and efficiently with an airless pump to control the proper dose for your hair type and texture.

You can feel the difference as Nº.8 begins working. As you’re applying it, hair becomes smooth and slick. If you coat the hair with too much product, the excess goes down the drain and weighs down the hair. Less is more. Nº.8 sinks into the hair to repair from within; that’s how you’re able to get body, shine, smoothness, and intensely moisturized hair.


Can you leave it in longer than 10 minutes?

Yes, you can leave Nº.8 in longer than the recommended time. You can not overuse Nº.8.

Can I leave it in less than the recommended 10 minutes?

You can, though your hair will not benefit from the full potential of the treatment by cutting time down.

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